A schoolbus, a printing press, and a forest.


School busWe visited Cober Evolving Solutions in Kitchener yesterday. The first, and not so obvious, excitement was that it was my first trip in a yellow school bus. (Growing up in South Africa, not only were our school buses not yellow, but I also always walked or cycled to school.)

The greater excitement was the company itself. It’s been a while since I’ve visited a printer, and I was impressed with the size of the company, the scope of work (which includes a large amount of electronic publications,) and the insight into the changing perceptions around the impact of paper print vs. electronic publication on the environment. Surprisingly, there is a growing sentiment that paper printing, under certain conditions, might be less harmful to the environment than

Cober Printers

electronic publishing. After recovering from my initial scepticism, I found this link as reference. What do you think?

Cober has been in existence for almost 100 years, and the enthusiasm with which they’ve embraced and diversified with modern technology, serves as a model for how business should deal with change.

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