I love sport. Well, most sport in any case. And as a born South African, that means in particular rugby, cricket, and soccer/football. As the crowds roar, and the vuvuzelas cry, my blood beats green.

Our nation has seen the miraculous way in which sport can heal wounds, and bridge divides. I stand in awe at the perseverance, the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears, that athletes put into the game. I am the kind of supporter who can live with my team losing, as long as I feel that they gave their all. I value a tough game above an easy victory.

I also love South African advertising. At times emotional and stirring, at times hilarious in a way that North Americans seldom understand, but Brits usually do, strangely enough.

So, as we are just under 120 days away from the Rugby World Cup, we have an ad to call us to action. A reminder that no matter where in the world we are, it matters not what colour we are, but what colour we wear.

What colour will you wear in September?

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