The purpose of this page is to provide some examples of my skills and experience listed in my resume. It will remain a work in progress, and some examples will disappear to be replaced by more recent ones over time.

I am the Marketing Chair on the board of Winterloo, a local winter festival. Here is a link to a Media Pitch I submitted to get some media coverage prior to the event. Of course, the key to this was identifying something related to the event that would be newsworthy. Happily, I nailed it, because the Waterloo Region Record followed up on my pitch, and published this: Winterloo Festival crowd-funds to keep ice-slide attraction

As part of my coursework for the IMC certificate, I had to engage in copywriting. Here is an example of newspaper and radio ad copy I wrote. This related to an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan I developed for a hypothetic new product. And as we all know, plans have to be presented, and here is the PowerPoint Presentation I prepared to go with the plan.

While I am no expert, I do have a working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud. Here is a poster I designed for a fundraiser.

Here I am with fellow panel members talking about Integrated Marketing Communication at the REAP Felt Lab in St. Jacob.

On a lighter note, ’10 Reasons to eat chocolate after dinner’ is something I wrote that was published in the Gulf News a few years ago.

This is


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